A comorant is a fishing bird that fishes for his master. It is feeded by the fisherman and catches fish for him. It is an very old traditional way of fishing. It has existed nearly for 1000 yers in Yangshuo.

The Comorant fishing usually operates in the evening. The fisherman hangs usually a lamp in the front of the boat, then they take the Cormorants go along the river. The fishes must be attracted by the light and get close to the light. When the fish get close to the boat, the fisherman will drop the Cormorant off the boat into the water and the Comorant will catch the fish

Because the cormorant’s throat is long and narrow ,it can’t swallow the fish at once, so after it catched the fish, the fisherman will take the fish out his throat.

Sometimes the fisherman has to strike the water to stimulate the cormorant ,so that it willing to catch the fish themselves.

It is very beautfull to see dozens of the boats or even more with light and strike the water while they fishing on the river.


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January 10, 2017