Reed Flute Cave

flute-cave-yangshuo-guilon-china-guide-guirongReed Flute Cave got its name from a type of reed growing in front of the entrance, which can be made into melodious flutes. In the cave, the U-shaped sightseeing tourist route is about 240 meters long and takes less than one hour to visit.

Along the tourist route, visitors are able to see a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and rock formations with peculiar and wonderful shapes created by carbonate deposits.

Enhanced by multicolored lights, the cave looks like a fantastic underground palace. It is a habit for Chinese people to give each formation a fairy tale or poetic name, such as Penglai Fairyland, Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda Mushroom Hills and other interesting names. It’s a pleasure to listen to fairy tales or legends while appreciating the peculiar stone formations.

Silver Cave

Silver-Cave-Yangshuo-Guilon-China-Guide-GuirongSilver Cave is divided into three parts: the upper cave, the grand hall and the lower cave. The sky-support pillars, clear underground water, impending waterfall and weird stalagmites in the cave make it a fancy natural wonder. The most famous among all the scenic spots in the cave are the “three unique”: “Waterfall on the Snow Mountain”, “Musical Stone Screen” and “Jasper Lake Fairyland”.

The Silver Cave Tourist Area is surrounded by green hills, crystal clear rivers, green grasslands and trees and has been honored with the description: “a typical representative of Guilin landscape scenery”. This scenic area is also the site for some annually held local festivals, such as a peach flowers festival, a taro festival, a food festival and a rock climbing festival.

Gold Water CavGold-Water-Cave-Yangshuo-Guilon-China-Guide-Guironge

The cave is unique in its ways for sightseeing. Equipped with modern facilities such as a light rail, sightseeing elevator, roller coasters, small boats, and an automatic light and sound control guide, the Crown Cave offers you a distinctive experience for your visit.

The Four Portals of Crown Cave

Crown-Cave-Yangshuo-Guilon-China-Guide-GuirongCrown Cave is accessible by light rail train, boat and sightseeing elevator. The famous traveler, Xu Xiake from the Ming Dynasty, visited Crown Cave as early as 1637, and he gave the first detailed description of the cave in his travel diary.

Crown Cave is composed of four portals, accessible to visitors by raft.

The first portal (or the Outer Cave) is 10 meters tall, from the roof of which strangely-shaped stalactites and stalagmites hang, illuminated by lights with a glittering golden glow. On the right side of the first portal stands the Sightseeing Platform, with poems engraved on it.

The second portal is lower than the first one, and is flooded with water during the high water period. It is accessible by raft or subterranean railway in late summer and autumn.

The third portal is the lowest among the four portals in Crown Cave.

The fourth portal is the most impressive with sands and shoals, where the stalactites and stalagmites are grotesque in shaped and gaudy in color, just like a subterranean crystal palace.



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December 29, 2016