Bamboo rafting on Dragon River


The Yulong River, one of the biggest tributaries of Li River and known as Mini Li River by the locals, is about five kilometers away from Yangshuo. Although most of the foreigners are unaware of this pure river but the beauty of the river cannot be overlooked as, the it is surrounded by green paddies fields, pretty bamboos, and quiet villages.

A small mythical story is attached to the river, locals say that a dragon came to Yulong River many few years ago that’s why this river was named Yulong which in English means ‘meeting the dragon’. If one will around, one will find many small weirs every 200 meters in the river built by farmers in the ancient times to store water during the winters season in order to evade the shortages but now these weirs are redundant although they have not been moved in order to preserve the heritage.

One of the most well known activities one can look out for is bamboo rafting in Yangshuo. The whole raft trip is around 12 kilometers long and takes 3-4 hours in rainy season. The bamboo raft starts from Golden Dragon Bridge and finishes at Gongnong Bridge. One can board the raft from some other place as well as there are many docks available but the journey ends at Gongnong Bridge.

The bamboo raft came into being when the locals set up chairs on a bamboo raft and enough space made for a boatman to sit on the raft. The bamboo raft is pushed in to the river by the bamboo pole. One can also see the reflection of the raft and oneself in the clear water of Yulong River. It is a peaceful experience as one can lie down on the chair and smell the fragrance of rice, cool breeze and food cooked locally.


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September 17, 2016