8 Day Tour Example


Day 1—-Airport pick up

I will meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel in Guilin or Yangshuo. It will take one hour and fifty minutes to get to Yangshuo.

Day 2—- Minority Village Tour

We will meet in the morning and drive straight to the Longsheng Rice Terraces. On the way we can stop to visit tea mountain where you can help with collecting the tea. You can also try fresh tea there. Then we will drive you to Longji, We will hike to the top of the hill where there are amazing views as far as the eye can see.
We will then have lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy some time with the local people. Later we will visit the terraces and go around the village to learn about the customs of minorities. Going to the top of the mountain is highly recommended to see the best views of the area. We will spend the night at the Ping’an guesthouse.

Day 3—- Dazhai Village Tour

I will meet you in the morning then we shall walk to Dazhai village which does not have too many tourists so is a bit more authentically Chinese and less tourist orientated. We will need 4 and a half hours for the hike but the view is incredibly beautiful along the way and at the end of it, we will have lunch in a local famer’s home. You will have a perfect opportunity to experience a rural Chinese lifestyle. Later we will stay the night in Dazhai village which I very peaceful and beautiful during the evening and night.

Day 4—- SangJiang ChengYang Village Tours

We meet in the morning and have breakfast. Afterwards our driver will take us to SangJiang which is about a three hour drive. The village has the famous “Wind and Rain Bridge” which was built in 1916 and is considered by the Dong minority to be the finest of the 108 such structures in Sanjiang county as well as a symbol of the Dong minority nationality.

Day 5—- Minority Village Tours

We meet in the morning and have breakfast. Later our driver will take us back to Yangshuo. On the way we can stop to visit tea mountain where you can pick tea and have the chance to drink a cup of freshly brewed, straight off the mountain tea!

Day 6—- Silver Cave tour

We will meet in the morning and take a private car or bus to visit Silver Cave. The Silver Cave scenery and Travel Resort is situated in Maling Town of Lipu county in Guilin. Inside the caves you will see many formations including stalagmites, stalactites, stone columns, stone curtains, stone pillars, and stone flowers. Later we will visit two ancient bridges which are 600 years old and go right across the Yulong River.

Day 7—- Yangshuo biking tour

Ride a bicycle from Yangshuo to the Yulong river in the morning which will take you past sprawling rice fields and though quaint traditional villages. The surrounding scenery is amazing and you will have plenty of opportunity to feast your eyes on the beautiful landscape and maybe even meet a buffalo or two! There will be chances to see how the local farmers work and live which will help you appreciate how much effort and passion the local people put into growing the best possible food that they can. Later we will move on to Moon Hill which is the unofficial symbol of Yangshuo .You can hike up to the peak where you will have incredible panoramic views of the area and some of the best photo opportunities in Yangshuo. We will stop for lunch at the farmers’ restaurant at the foot of Moon Hill. After that, we will ride back to Yangshuo town.

Day 8—- Li River boating tour

We meet in the morning and our driver will take us to YangDi .Then we can take a private bamboo boat cruise from Yangdi to Xingping which is the most beautiful part of the river which will take about one and a half hours depending on the water. On the way you will see fishermen, villages, farmers working in the rice fields, women washing clothes and many other beautiful sights. Xingping itself is notable for its Ming Dynasty architecture. Especially interesting is the local market, which is held on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th days of the traditional ten-day week. (We can help you plan your visit to coincide with a market day.) This is not a tourist market, it is an authentic Chinese rural market where farmers sell and trade their own goods. Later we will head to Fuli town which is the traditional fan painting and making location.


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November 22, 2016